The experience of using Hondrogel

My experience of use Hondrogel in case of damage to the knee

Hello everyone! My name is Dawn. Today he decided to share the bad story that happened with my seventeen son of Archie, and leave a comment of a tool that has helped me to feel better. We live with him in Barcelona. He attended the university, in parallel with dreams of becoming a footballer. Since childhood, fond of jogging, participate in marathons for running and cycling, regularly attends the section of professional football. Three months ago, accidentally falling with the motorcycle, severely wounded in the right leg.

Effective gel for the recovery of the joints Hondrogel - experience of using

In the hospital after the visit from a specialist received the conclusion: "a Full dislocation of the lateral patella". Doctor appointed surgeon treatment, recommended medications, including an additional instrument for outside use. Special gel packs to the joints Hondrogel. He said that this gel is made with an innovative formula of latvia, the pharmaceutical company, which not only calm, but and helps to accelerate the process of joint recovery, prevent the complication and the development of infections.

Then, I say, what is this remedy, where he bought and at what price, how to use, and therefore the use.

Hondrogel - restoration of the joints and pain

First of all, I discovered that it is the tool, read consumer reviews. I found the following. Hondrogel - universal gel for joints, muscles, and tendons, is designed for one relieve the pain, and get rid of the swelling, recovery the damaged coupling, the destruction of infection and resolution of inflammation. Applies to various diseases of the joints (arthritis, osteoarthritis, radicolite, etc), the traction of the tendons, the tension in the muscles. Observed high efficiency of application in case of trauma (fractures, dislocations). Of course, the application of a gel promotes the regeneration of bone and cartilage tissues.

Is in the composition, the collagen, hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients, known throughout the world for its powerful properties for the recovery of the joints. The arnica montana, the diabolic root, essential oils of mint and eucalyptus, shark fat.

Where you can buy and at what price, how to use

It turned out that in our country Hondrogel it is not for sale and can only be ordered through the official website. I immediately made an order for the six packs. You could also save money thanks to the promotion -50%. Obtained with the son of the pack after the three days for mail to your home.

The application of a gel to the recovery of the joints and pain Hondrogel - before and after

Use the gel easily, like any cream. Comfortable to apply, absorbs quickly and leaves no grease residue on the skin. Massage gently rubbed in the knee area with a dislocation. Every day morning and evening for a month. On the advice of a physician repeated the same course of two weeks.

The result of the use and our opinions on the utility

The gel in a moment numbs. The allergy was not. After a week went swelling. A month after the inspection of the doctor and x-rays have shown a significant improvement. Past the inflammation. Last week they made the final inspection and an x-ray. Kneecap and secure it in place. Is not detected the infection. A positive result. After three months the child fully recovered after the injury.

I concluded that Hondrogel really effective. The quality corresponds to the price. Council. I hope that my opinion will be useful and many of them will help you to solve the problems with the joints.

Reviews lego original photos of the gels, and photos of the dislocation of the patella before and after the treatment.