An effective way to treat knee arthritis at home: folk recipes

Causes of knee arthritis

Knee osteoarthritis is often referred to as "the disease of the elderly. "According to statistics, most patients with joint disease are over 50 years old.

It is important to know what factors can cause the development of degenerative dystrophic changes in the knee joint. Osteoarthritis affects the musculoskeletal system of men and women, but the predisposing factors are different. Find more information about joint pathology.

Reasons for disease development

The destruction of cartilage tissue occurs with age, and high pressure is applied to joints for a long time. Under the influence of negative factors, cartilage is worn out, the volume of synovial fluid is reduced, the pain is aggravated, and the mobility of the affected limb is impaired.

The changes of degenerative dystrophy occur under the background of various pathological conditions or knee joint injuries. In severe cases, the joint space will be completely closed, the patient cannot lean on the injured leg, and an internal prosthesis (installation of artificial joints) is required.


  • Systemic pathology;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Injured;
  • Overweight;
  • The lower limbs continue to bear the load, physical labor;
  • Hormonal changes in female menopause;
  • Malnutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals.

Symptoms and signs

Against the background of age-related cartilage changes, knee charter arthritis usually develops after 55 years of age. In the pathological process, unlike arthritis, the tissues of other organs are rarely affected. As inflammation develops, the infection will spread to the heart, nerve fibers and epidermal tissue. Osteoarthritis in the knee area is a long-term, slow process, with a long remission period and aggravation.

The main signs and symptoms of knee arthritis:

  • In the early stage, the pain is weak, and the intensity of the pain increases in the form of waves;
  • Gradually degenerative changes disrupt the mobility of the affected joints, making it difficult for the patient to bend and straighten the knee in the morning.
  • has advanced pathological features, cartilage is destroyed, and walking ability is severely restricted;
  • The lack of synovial fluid, the strong friction of the joint head, and the fusion of certain elements not only cause soreness during exercise, but also soreness when there is no exercise.

Important!There is no active inflammatory process in arthritis, but the destruction of cartilage tissue occurs day after day. When injured, infections often merge and become inflamed.

Home Care

How to treat knee joint disease

How to treat knee arthritis? In the early stages, joint pathology responds well to treatment. In addition to medicinal ointments and tablets, Chinese physicians also provide alternative methods for treating arthritis in the knee joint area. It is impossible to substitute herbal medicines for medicines: refusal to treat them will worsen the condition of the diseased joints and cause the further development of degenerative dystrophy. In order to prevent the destruction of cartilage tissue, the regeneration process can only be accelerated if there are complex effects.

At home, to treat arthritis, patients need to take medicine, use traditional medicine recipes, self-massage and special exercises. Mandatory use of foods that are beneficial to cartilage conditions can enhance the effect of proper nutrition.


In the treatment of knee joint arthritis, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory compounds are needed to relieve the pain of cartilage destruction. At home, the medication is used in the form of gels and tablets. Strictly follow the daily dose, frequency of use and duration of treatment are important.

Information for patients!Tablets are more effective than ointments and gels. In severe cases of severe advanced joint disease and obvious pain syndrome, intra-articular injections in medical institutions can have the most effective impact on the affected area.

Cartilage protector

In arthritis, cartilage tissue is gradually destroyed. High load, improper nutrition, lack of effective treatment, intensified degenerative malnutrition process. Knee joint cartilage protective agents include glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. This group of drugs can prevent or slow the destruction of cartilage, improve blood circulation in the affected area, and normalize synovial fluid.

The fourth-generation chondroprotective agent not only has regenerative effects, but also has anti-inflammatory effects. The medicine contains ingredients that stop the inflammatory process when the infection enters the synovial fluid.

Folk remedies and recipes

For swelling, cold compresses, ointments and wipes can be used to relieve pain. Healing effects can be provided by using herbal soup for a therapeutic bath. For all measures using phytoremediation, the patient needs to agree with the attending doctor.

A recipe that has been proven to treat knee arthritis through folk remedies:

  • Vaseline ointment and essential oils.Understanding the properties of valuable esters will enhance the effect on the affected joints. Rosemary essential oil can activate blood circulation, peppermint oil can relieve pain and cool the affected area, and lavender can fight inflammation. For 100 grams of cosmetic petroleum jelly, 6 to 7 drops of essential oil is sufficient.
  • An ointment made from pork fat and corn flour.Medicinal plants have been proven effective in treating various joint diseases. Melt the fat (5 parts), add the chopped Confrey (2 parts), boil for 5 minutes, and cool. Keep your self-made ointment cold. Rub the mixture into the affected area every day.
  • Onions are compressed with ginger.Grate a small piece of ginger root and add onion juice until you get gruel and a tablespoon of aloe vera juice. Apply the lump to the sore joint, wait for half an hour, and then rinse;
  • Honey packaging.You will need quality honey. Apply bee products to the affected area. Cover with cellophane and warm cloth. Keep compressed for 2 hours. Mixing thin honey and aloe vera in a ratio of 3: 1 can produce good results.
  • Gelatin compression.Wet the cheesecloth with warm water, fold it into two layers, add a tablespoon of gelatin crystals, and cover with the remaining gauze. Put a bandage on the sore knee and fix it with a clean cloth or bandage. Keep the compression for 2 hours and perform the "gelatin treatment" 3 times a week. Good results can be achieved by adding gelatin to adding milk or water and adding honey.

Self massage

Self massage for knee arthritis

Move slowly, don’t press hard on your sore knee. Using a special gel or massage oil will help improve the effectiveness of the operation. Buy medicines with analgesic and restorative properties at the pharmacy.

Basic actions:

  • stroked. Work the skin clockwise and counterclockwise. After 1-2 minutes, due to the activation of blood circulation, there will be a warm feeling inside the knee.
  • Massage the inner surface of the knee with the edge of the palm;
  • Gently knead the joint with your fingertips to make sure there is no soreness.

Physiotherapy practice

In the acute recurrence of pathology, it is only necessary to completely fix the problematic knee joint in a short time. For arthritis, exercise is necessary-many doctors support this treatment principle.

Knee arthritis rehabilitation techniques, exercises and gymnastics can promote a reasonable load on the problem area, which has won many positive reviews. It is recommended to perform joint gymnastics by famous doctors on the mild and moderate joints in the knee joint area. First, the patient performs a series of exercises under the guidance of the instructor.

For different degrees of cartilage tissue damage, a set of specific exercises is recommended. Excessive load will accelerate the destruction of cartilage, unable to heal, but produce the completely opposite effect. Taking into account the characteristics of a particular patient’s disease, only rheumatologists, specialists in sports therapy rooms or orthopedic doctors will provide comprehensive self-study information.

To prevent joint disease in the knee joint area, please monitor your weight and control your hormones after 40 years, avoid heavy lifting and rest your legs. Proper nutrition, physical exercise, paying attention to the health of the musculoskeletal system, protecting the limbs from injury and overload, will reduce the risk of arthritis. When the first symptoms of joint pathology appear, please consult your doctor. Do not wait until the cartilage is completely destroyed before using all endoprostheses. When treating a disease at home, consult a doctor.